Saturday, June 20, 2009


While you're sitting near the air conditioner watching the corn grow out the window don't forget the next BLUEGRASS MUSICIANS JAM SESSION will be held on MONDAY JULY 6th beginning at 7:00 p.m. !! The door opens at 6:45 and we hope you'll join us for a relaxing night of spontaneous bluegrass music. We welcome young and old, newbies and pros, beginner to advanced musicians and also anyone who just wants to drop in and listen for a while ! If you play more than one instrument, please be sure to bring more than one (that way we can split up into smaller groups, or not just have 8 banjos and 6 mandolins ! ) This is a great opportunity for beginning musicians to pick up some tips from more experienced pickers, and a good chance to show off the latest thing you've learned. Ladies - it's not just a boys' night - wives and lady musicians are encouraged to attend ! Remember there is NO ADMISSION CHARGE on Jam Nights......however the SNACK BAR will be open and we appreciate your purchases (which help to keep bluegrass in Belmont !). Hope to see you there Monday 7-6-2009 !!

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